It’s an age old story of a girl and her blog, sitting alone in her room, writing feverishly, praying some anonymous reader will understand her…

This is not that story.

My name is Mary Knutson (pronounced Kuh-noot-sun) and the truth is, I am not a girl sitting alone in her room praying to be understood. In fact, I’m currently sitting in the campus coffee shop of my university. And I’m not writing to be understood. I’m writing so others can understand – understand what makes writing so unique and why it hold us all together. Literature is one of the strongest glues that hold our society together, without words we have no communication, no history, no future. Words hold the entirety of our lives with syllables and letters.

So no, I don’t write so others will understand me, I write so others can understand themselves. If you’ve ever wondered why we think the way we do, why language is important, or why society is the way it is, this is the blog for you. I plan to explore every aspect of literature and its impact on both individuals and society. I will also be publishing book reviews and whatever else tickles my fancy. After all, this is the All Things Literary Blog.

So grab a mug of coco or coffee or whatever you choose, bundle up, and let’s dive in.

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