I’ll probably do one of these posts every once in awhile just to give you some interesting ideas for books I really like and think are of high literary quality. My goal is to mention the ones that people may not read as much and don’t get quite as much attention as they deserve.

5) Another Fine Myth – Robert Asprin. My mom first introduced me to this series and it is absolutely hilarious. From the magician who can’t use magic to the main character who dies on the first page. Everything is unexpected and you never know what’s going to happen next. It’s a short book but in that amount of time it will take readers on one of the most incredible literary journeys of their life.

4) The Host – Suzanne Collins. I’ve heard a lot about this book and this author, but in my opinion, this was a really cool book. She portrayed sci-fi in a new way that brings us closer to the characters and actually puts readers in the unique position of being an intruder in the main character’s body. The fact that she not only pulled that off but also made it believable is commendable. She also has a unique writing style that really enhances the overall experience of the story.

3) The Fates Divided – Veronica Roth. Roth is better known for her Divergent series, but I believe this one deserves just as much recognition. She creates, not just one world, an entire solar system of planets that all exist in unison and have battled and have scars. Each planet has their own civilization and some even have multiple. She went all out with world building and shows this in her characters as well. Each character is unique but if they are from the same civilization they hold similar values, as it happens in the real world. I find that in fiction, a lot of people grow up in the same civilization but have drastically different morals. Roth confronts that trope and meets it head on.

2) Dragonspell – Donita K. Paul. This was the first book I read as a kid that really showed me what reading could be. It is by no means a “kids book,” but it is definitely a Christian Fiction. Christian Fiction often has a reputation for being preachy, but this doesn’t seem to do that. They discuss the morals of their God (Wulder) without ever pushing it on one another. It’s also a unique fantasy world that really goes in depth with types of characters and different races. They all add something to the story, whether it’s humor or incentive towards the mission or simply to show the forgiveness of their God, no one in the story is useless.

1) Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell. This book is absolutely adorable. There can be a lot of negative stigma revolving around fangirls, but this books paints them as real people with real issues and real hopes. Everyone has something they are passionate about and this book shows that it’s okay if that passion revolves around a work of fiction. I wish this book got more hype than it has since not many people seem to have read it. Rowell writes a set of identical twins from identical situations who behave entirely different, as it happens in real life. The reality she paints is absolutely breathtaking and I thought the fitting ending made it even better.

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Catch you later, my lovely literaries!
Mary Knutson

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