Hey, guys! It’s been a minute, thanks for sticking with my crazy, haha!

Have you seen the Netflix show Carmen Sandiego? Well, viewers go through the whole show searching for her long-lost mother and, in one of the final scenes, we see Carmen finally meeting her mom, but we never see the woman’s face. We only ever see the mom’s back.

It’s incredibly frustrating because we went on that journey with Carmen and at the last minute the writers slammed the brakes and stopped us from crossing that final finish-line with the characters. It’s honestly super annoying and needs to stop.

If you’ve seen Birds of Prey with Margot Robbie, you see that same journey except with Harley and her egg sandwich. When it gets knocked out of her hands in the very beginning, we think that’s the end of it. But she finally gets a second chance to eat one when Cass brings her one at the very end of the movie. It ties up the final loose end and we get to see her happy and getting a chance to do things different.

Carmen doesn’t get that and it makes me so mad that viewers didn’t get the conclusion they deserved. It was a grand symphony that finished on a twisted, broken, and off-key note. Had they shown the mother’s face or even showed them hugging, it would have been more meaningful to the viewers but we were just left wanting a clear conclusion.

So, in your writing, don’t do the stupid thing where you don’t let the readers/viewers finish the journey with your characters. They are just as much a part of the story as any character you write in because they chose to add themselves to the story, they decided to be a part of the narrative, and they can write themselves out just as easily.

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