As a general rule, I rank books based on four qualities: Dialogue, Exposition, Characters, and Overall Story.

Dialogue: 5/5

The dialogue was very realistic and felt very realistic for the type of universe. It flowed nicely and everyone had a very distinct voice and way of speaking. Dialogue often gets overlooked in writing but in this story, the dialogue was one of the strongest parts. Levenseller included body language with her writing to really send home the voice of individual characters.

Exposition: 4/5

The scenery was good and descriptions were beautiful but upon occasion, it felt a little too vague or a little too heavy-handed. For the most part, it was balanced but it pulled me out of the story a couple of times. Overall, I loved the imagery, it painted a clear picture throughout most of the novel while remaining just enough in the background to not distract from the main story.

Characters: 4/5

Most of the characters were beautifully dynamic and detailed, the writing made the king seem a little weak and not as dynamic as the others. The main character was intelligent and always had something up her sleeve. Personally, I found the king to be a bit boring; he wasn’t very dynamic but he did still have flaws and helped nudge the story along in his own way. The rest of the characters were beautifully written and had stunning detail down to the places they hung out and things they did to pass the time.

Overall Story: 3/5

While there were great sub-plots at the beginning of the story, there weren’t very many towards the end. More than once, it seemed like every sub-plot concluded and the main plot carried on by itself and it also played a little too heavy with the “unfortunate coincidences.” However, the magic system and deities were really interesting and added to the story without being distracting. I actually would have loved to see a bit more of the deities and magic of the world but as it stood, it didn’t pull away from the story.

This book ranked an 8/10 for me. I thought it was really good and had a lot of amazing moments. I liked the leading character and was rooting for her throughout the story. Every twist and turn had me anxiously reading trying to find out what would happen next.

I read this book in about a week, it’s a really good, fast read so I would definitely recommend it.

For me, 4/5 stars isn’t great because that’s about average for what I read. I rarely read anything lower than 3 stars but very few books make it to the five star mark. However, while it wasn’t astounding, I would still recommend it because it was a lot of fun to read and analyze. The characters were a blast and the imagery was beautiful. Honestly, with beautiful imagery and fun characters, you really can’t go wrong.

Happy Reading!

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