Confession time:

I read this book in two days and accidentally stayed up until one AM… oops. I finished it though and that’s what’s important here… at least, that’s what I’m saying is important LOL.

Ya’ll know the drill by this point: as a general rule, I review books based on four qualities: Dialogue, Exposition, Characters, and Overall Story.

Dialogue: While majority of the dialogue was very natural and flowed really well, when a character would go into a monologue, or recall a story from a while ago, there was a lot of “he said/she said” in the middle of the conversation which didn’t read as natural. However, people recall things differently and I can’t fault the writer for this. It wouldn’t have been my choice, but it worked to break up the large chunks of dialogue by reminding readers it was something that happened in the past. A lot of people may have liked that style but I wasn’t super fond, so for that reason, I give the dialogue portion 3/5.


So the imagery was really nice. The way Center wrote the descriptions was very realistic and felt like someone was telling the reader firsthand what was happening. However, the use of second-person in the book felt a little weird–what I mean is, the narrator addressed the reader directly and, at times, it felt more like a ‘Jack Stapleton reader insert fanfiction’ than a book about a character who was going through these events. However, while it was a little weird part of the time, the majority of the time it actually worked really well and read like a journal. The use of occasional second-person narration made the book feel more personable and closer to reality, like someone writing to an invisible pen-pal about their troubles. Exposition gets a 3/5.


I LOVED the characters! Everyone was real and dynamic. The superhot mega-star left his dirty clothes on the floor and the intimidating heroine was scared of cows. Everyone was interesting and imperfect. Every character had some kind of flaw and in every scene, everyone had a goal. Characters were doing something surprising at every turn while remaining funny and relatable. These were some of the most impressionable and memorable characters I’ve read in a long time. It’s a very strong 5/5 for this one.

Overall Story:

Oh my gosh! Subplots galore!! While the overall plot (bodyguard/client romance) is happening, there are at least three subplots happening at any given time. Plus, tiny details from the beginning become relevant at the end of the story as everything reaches the climax. There’s the dead mom subplot, sick mom subplot, evil ex and betrayal subplot, and even a corgi-breeding stalker subplot! Something was always happening and they all overlapped and intertwined. The story itself is brilliantly written and planned out. Again, absolute 5/5.

At a fabulous 8/10, I really loved this book! I finished it in just a couple of days around the rest of my life and work. I seriously could not put it down and loved every minute. I adored the attention to detail and had a great time loving the heroes and hating the annoying ex. The corkscrew thing had my losing my mind!

For me, Character and Plot are the most important aspects of a good book so if those aren’t good than I won’t like the book. But Center really nailed both of those and I was turning the pages like a madwoman! I seriously couldn’t get enough!

If you prefer a lot of exposition and don’t like second-person narration, I would say to skip out on this one. But if you’re here for the characters and plot like me, 10/10 recommend. I had a great time with this book!

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