Book Reviewing For Beginners

Book reviewing has increased in popularity over the past few years, especially since COVID in 2020. Now, it seems like almost everyone has done some kind of book review. But for anyone who hasn’t, or isn’t sure how to, here are some of my key tips to getting started as a credible book reviewer. Where […]

The Bodyguard – Review

Confession time: I read this book in two days and accidentally stayed up until one AM… oops. I finished it though and that’s what’s important here… at least, that’s what I’m saying is important LOL. Ya’ll know the drill by this point: as a general rule, I review books based on four qualities: Dialogue, Exposition, […]

The Shadows Between Us – Review

As a general rule, I rank books based on four qualities: Dialogue, Exposition, Characters, and Overall Story. Dialogue: 5/5 The dialogue was very realistic and felt very realistic for the type of universe. It flowed nicely and everyone had a very distinct voice and way of speaking. Dialogue often gets overlooked in writing but in […]

The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare – Review

From the very beginning, this book catches the attention and holds readers captive throughout the entirety. The novel opens with a character climbing a mountain to get to an ice cave where he finds his dead wife, holding a knife with “Kill the child” chiseled near where she died. His infant son is crying from […]

Loki Spoilers Ahead!

Okay, so I know that discussing a show isn’t my usual modus operandi, but stick with me on this. I’m writing an essay on the representation of Loki throughout history (there’s like a solid thousand years-ish where we have basically nothing new, like, what?!) and in the first episode they say it’s because he grabbed […]

Underrated Writing Prompts, Anyone?

Where do you think the most untapped potential for writing prompts are? Maybe it’s in the Instagram photography blogs or the Tumblr aesthetic blogs. Maybe you find tons of prompts in children’s joke books or the most random YouTube videos that the internet has to offer. My point is: writing prompts are hiding everywhere. Be […] Update!

It’s official! Your girl has a Linktree account! If you want to see any of my other works or join my Patreon, here’s the link to do so! Go to to check out all the funzies! For fellow writers, I cannot express how important it is for people to be able to see your product and […]

Tropes that Need to Stop #1

Hey, guys! It’s been a minute, thanks for sticking with my crazy, haha! Have you seen the Netflix show Carmen Sandiego? Well, viewers go through the whole show searching for her long-lost mother and, in one of the final scenes, we see Carmen finally meeting her mom, but we never see the woman’s face. We […]

The Perfect Playlist for Writers

Many writers I know struggle to find the perfect music for when they write, so I took the liberty of making a list of my favorite songs and albums. This is the music I use all the time and is almost entirely instrumental since I struggle listening to songs with lyrics while trying to focus […]